Mar 13, 2009

Day 8 - North Shore Excursion

Today we went drove as far as we could around the to the "North Shore". Our first stop was at the Wailua Falls on the "East Shore". Our main destination was the Kilauea Light House and Ke'e Beach and Kalalau Trail. Ended up finding a few more side steps which made for a full but wonderful day!

One of our little side steps was in the town of Princeville. We ended up at this Princeville Hotel which was closed for renovations but hiked down to the deserted beach which since the hotel was closed. It was a beautiful!

The rest of the drive was right along the coast of Hanalei Bay, very windy road, single lane bridges but awesome views. When we got to Ke'e beach I knew we were going on a hike, there is a 2 mile beach hike and hiking trials....we took the hiking trails which were pretty much straight up the mountain. I didn't realize it was an 11 mile hike each way. We got there late in the day, it had rained some and most people coming out were caked in mud. We hiked up a little over a mile which had wonderful views...unfortunately the pictures don't reflect how high we were.

Ended the day with grilled Salmon with fresh pineapple & mango....

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