Mar 9, 2009

Day 2 March 7, Tour of Sonoma Valley

Denny had arranged a tour for us of 3 wineries in Sonama Valley. We were supposed to be picked up in a mini van...but they upgraded us to a limo for the same rate. What a treat!

Each of the vineyards where just beautifully landscaped and well kept! I just can't imagine how beautiful they are during growing season with the grapes hanging!!! Guess we'll have to come back again some day! It was a lot of fun and really an education to hear about the different wines and to really be able to tell the difference in them. By the third wine tasting...I had to confess, "I can't feel my lips". Of course I'll hear it for the rest of the trip.

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Greg said...

c'mon Clark've gotta be stronger than that!