Mar 19, 2009

Day 12-13

Tuesday we took a snorkel cruise, it was cloudy but was nice to get out on the ocean. The snorkeling was pretty good and lunch and drinks were provided. We also saw some wales while we were out there which were pretty close.

Wednesday was a blast and the most beautiful day yet. We took a ride up to the north shore. We stopped at a few beaches but ended up staying several hours at the "Pipeline" watching all the surfers. It was amazing! Steve, Denny & Tammy went in body surfing. I stayed out for pictures and to be able to call for help if needed!!! (haha!) The one picture with a foot sticking up is Steve diving under a wave with the surfers in the background....The under tow was pretty strong & red Flags were posted all the way down the beach, not your typical swimming beach. For lunch we stopped at one of the "Shrimp Trucks" the town is well know for. Steve & I went for the Hot and Spicy! It ook a while before we could feel our lips and tongue!!! The were HOT! For dinner we went back in to town. A Wonderful day!

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