Apr 3, 2009

Favorite Shot

I took this sunset from the bar at our resort the first night we were there. I liked the way the light came through all the bottles, Mai Tai's were pretty good too...$1.99 all week.

Mar 22, 2009

last 2 Days in Hawaii

Thursday we went to Waikiki Beach, Denny & Steve found some Banyon Trees to swing on, they were amazing trees. It was a pretty cloudy& cool day so we just kind of strolled around checking out the sights. After being at the pipeline, the surfing didn't look as enticing to watch. Later on we drove around Diamond Head amazed at the scenery and the homes built along the East Shore. The worst part was the traffic, we were spoiled on the West shore and had managed to avoid traffic jams most of our trip. Our last day was just beautiful at the resort. We snorkeled and hung out at the beach. On the way to the airport we couldn't help taking this picture of this jacked up truck...even in Hawaii.... then back to reality.....work and real shoes again.

Mar 19, 2009

Day 12-13

Tuesday we took a snorkel cruise, it was cloudy but was nice to get out on the ocean. The snorkeling was pretty good and lunch and drinks were provided. We also saw some wales while we were out there which were pretty close.

Wednesday was a blast and the most beautiful day yet. We took a ride up to the north shore. We stopped at a few beaches but ended up staying several hours at the "Pipeline" watching all the surfers. It was amazing! Steve, Denny & Tammy went in body surfing. I stayed out for pictures and to be able to call for help if needed!!! (haha!) The one picture with a foot sticking up is Steve diving under a wave with the surfers in the background....The under tow was pretty strong & red Flags were posted all the way down the beach, not your typical swimming beach. For lunch we stopped at one of the "Shrimp Trucks" the town is well know for. Steve & I went for the Hot and Spicy! It ook a while before we could feel our lips and tongue!!! The were HOT! For dinner we went back in to town. A Wonderful day!

Mar 17, 2009

Day 10-11 Oahu

Sunday 15th we packed up and headed to Oahu, Marriotts Ko Olina Beach Club Resort for our second week. The resort is stunning. We are on the 14th floor with a view of the ocean and a marina. We alson face East so we can watch the sunrise over Honolulu. Monday we hung out at the pool and beach here at the resort, grilled up some fresh tuna and scalops....Tuesday we have reservations for a snorkeling cruse.

Mar 16, 2009

Day 9 - Shipwreck Beach

Beautiful sunny day, best yet! Not too far from our resort is Makawehi Point at Keoneloa Beach. It had a wonderful trail along the cliffs overlooking the Pacific. It was beautiful! After the hike we sat on the beach for a bit, Steve made a freind...then we went back to the resort to enjoy our last day on Kauai, another sunset dinner at the beach, packed up to head out for Oahu in the morning.

Day 8 - Friday

Just hung around at the resort today relaxing and enjoying the sunshine! We cooked dinner, carried it down to the beach at the resort and watched the sunset.

Mar 13, 2009

Day 8 - North Shore Excursion

Today we went drove as far as we could around the to the "North Shore". Our first stop was at the Wailua Falls on the "East Shore". Our main destination was the Kilauea Light House and Ke'e Beach and Kalalau Trail. Ended up finding a few more side steps which made for a full but wonderful day!

One of our little side steps was in the town of Princeville. We ended up at this Princeville Hotel which was closed for renovations but hiked down to the deserted beach which since the hotel was closed. It was a beautiful!

The rest of the drive was right along the coast of Hanalei Bay, very windy road, single lane bridges but awesome views. When we got to Ke'e beach I knew we were going on a hike, there is a 2 mile beach hike and hiking trials....we took the hiking trails which were pretty much straight up the mountain. I didn't realize it was an 11 mile hike each way. We got there late in the day, it had rained some and most people coming out were caked in mud. We hiked up a little over a mile which had wonderful views...unfortunately the pictures don't reflect how high we were.

Ended the day with grilled Salmon with fresh pineapple & mango....