Mar 11, 2009

Day 5 - Waimea Canyon

Today we set out for the Waimea Canyon, one of the "Must See's" on the island. It was sunny and looking like it was going to be a beautiful day to view the canyon and do some hiking. The many lookouts along the the 40 mile road to the top were breathtaking! Unfortunately by the time we got the end top rain clouds were hovering which is often the case. It didn't take long for the red clay paths to become a slippery and mess. We tried to set out on the path to the falls hoping the tree coverings but the paths soon proved to be a "Mud Slide downhill" so we reluctantly turned back. Still got some great pictures and had a lot of laughs. On the way back to the resort we had been told of two local places to stop for dinner and dessert. We ate Shrimp at the Shrimp Station and then tried out some of the famous island shaved ice at Jo Jo's. We also stopped at a coffee plantation. What's the deal with the roosters? They are everywhere!

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