Mar 10, 2009

Day 4 - March 9th

Day 4 - March 9 Today we just hung out at the beach here at the resort. At noon Tammy, Denny and I went to a local farmers market which was an experience (Steve stayed back and saved our prime spots and chairs at the beach....) It opens at 12:00, they line everyone up, they blow a whistle and let you go...there is a bit of a mad dash, the whole market was about a dozen locals with fresh produce, beautiful flowers and goods to sell from the back of their pick-up trucks... Island experience... Denny got a coconut juice drink.

We saw a few whales from the beach but too far out to get any photo's. There also was a sea lion and a Loggerhead turtle who though it was nice beach and sun bathing spot. When such wildlife decides to come ashore they quickly rope off a 40 X 20 area for their personal space, no reservations needed and everyone else has to clear out, they can stay as long as they like.

Tomorrow we plan to do some island exploring and permitting.

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ebcowles said...

Hello My Friend,

Congrats on the sweet baby boy! Time to go shopping "Yipee!". Thank you for sharing your adventures. I made one of your pictures my screen saver here at work. Dont forget to breathe in some of that sweet salt air for me!
Love, Bethie